Ash Kaluarachchi, Co-Founder of StartEd

Ash Kaluarachchi has seen the power that education has to shape and alter the trajectory of a person’s life. While growing up in Sri Lanka Ash’s mother ran a school out of her house. The three hundred children, ages six to sixteen years old, studied elocution, drama and speech. What Ash most remembers is that they learned tenacity, resilience and the ability to learn.
Now, years later, Ash Kaluarachchi’s credits include: creating 7 startup accelerators and producing New York City’s EdTech Week, all under the banner of StartEd.
Listen to Ash speak – yes eloquently – and intelligently about the work he does to nurture the next generation of education companies that will change the world for the better, one person at a time.
(best phrase of the interview, “Life skills packaged in content”)
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