Bonmo – Find Comedic Talent So Your Message Breaks Through

Marketer’s fight, tooth and nail to win people’s attention and humorous marketing wins when trying capture and keep attention. Bonmo has created a platform to connect comedians with marketers so together they can make more effective comedy content that not only garners attention but sells product.

I saw this hysterical ad the other day. You gotta see it!”

What was the ad for?”

I don’t remember…”

Bonmo’s founders believe that humor must be an integral part of a message but not overshadow that message.

In this talk we talk the craft of comedy, solving problems,  and I learn about “benign violation”.

According to studies out of Harvard and the research firm Nielsen, humor is the number one most effective ad type, even during a recession. The existing business models for creating advertising content are:

Ad Agencies – They struggle to remain creative and struggle to continue under a fast changing economy where businesses are much leaner – i.e. have a lower head count – than in previous times.

In-House marketing – Having the right creative staff is hard to achieve. Talent is scarce.

Consultancies – Often are experts with data but short on creativity.

Distribution Networks expanding to include creatives – Sounds like a match made in heaven. Home Depot now offers fine dining…

Bonmo is proposing to upend this prior models by offering comedic talent who have been carefully vetted by skill set and experience to best match your budget and marketing needs. They can work with a client collaboratively or have their talent write a script, shoot a video on their iPhone or brainstorm a campaign. Should the client need it, they can also provide video and sound crews to produce your content. They follow up with analytics that let you see how effective your campaign has been.

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