Disruptivo: A Talk with Juan Del Cerro

Everything about Juan Del Cerro  is big. His size, his read to laugh voice, his warm, enthusiastic manner and most of all his goal of inspiring people, most of all young people, to start social enterprises.

Disruptivo’s social entrepreneurship work covers three areas. Those are: teaching, a pre-accelerator program, and their extensive media. They conduct bootcamps, workshops and courses and have worked with over 100 colleges and universities. Their pre-accelerator program has invested in 41 social businesses and their media, including video, podcasting and their website has reached over 1 million viewers.

Hear Juan Del Cerro talk about the beginnings in Mexico five years ago, how he has grown the business and now will attempt to be conquer the US market. Juan is good company so listen in as we enjoy exploring what Disruptivo does.


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