John Liu: Fusion’s Blockchain Tech Will Create the Next Stage of Global Finance

This informative conversation with John Liu, Chief Product Officer of Fusion was great. We covered the engaging, real world applications of blockchains. Like me, you’ll enjoy this extensive conversation with a smart, educated person who loves what he’s doing. This conversation was just that kind.

What’s the teaser?

  • The crypto-anarchist future where nation states are a thing of the past. Not here yet.
  • We’ll soon anonymously control every facet of our digital lives on blockchains. Mmmm, probably at least a few more weeks away.

In the meantime Fusion, a financial blockchain platform, will tackle issues relating to making a myriad of transactions, cheaper, more transparent and faster. The scope and ambition of Fusion’s work is impressive. I invite you to partake as I did to get a sense of the magnitude of their mission.

If you are still jonesing for more blockchain listening you might like my interview with Max Stein of Balan3, another blockchain company.

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