John Mullin, Founder of Chrgr, Provides Ads You Want to Hold On To

Speaking with John Mullin was a pleasure. He’s smart, focused and has hit upon an advertising model that appeals to both advertiser and consumer alike.

John Mullin: So Chrgr is fundamentally an advertising company. And what we’re doing is we’re defining a new sort of level of advertising, which we’re calling advertising as a utility.

We produce these credit card sized batteries. Then we get clients and brands to sponsor them. But what we really do is put them where and when people need them most and we do that across 10,000 plus sort of nightlife and hospitality venues across the country. And we put it into places like ski resorts in the back of Ubers and Lyft. We put them into gym, we put them into partner’s like Blade Helicopter. We put them exactly where and when people need the most.

Marcos Dinnerstein: Catch this great interview with John Mullin to learn how his company Chrgr spans the physical and digital worlds. Chrgr makes both advertisers and users very happy. Quite a trick. And you hear all about it on A Better Mousetrap podcast.

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