A Converstion with Youssef Kalad, NYCx, in the Mayor’s Office of the CTO

If you looked only at the national level, it would be easy to be jaded about government and it’s ability to be responsive to the needs of the majority of people. But look at New York City government. It’s a very different story.

Did you know there are 300,000 lamp posts in NYC? There’s a good chance they’ll be retrofitted to serve additional functions if things work as expected.

After attending this past Thursday’s NYCx Moonshots & the Future of Cybersecurity at Company’s Urban Tech Hub I was able to speak with Youssef Kalad the next day to learn about both the Cybersecurity Challenge and the wider mission of the Mayor’s Office of the Chief Technology Officer. We covered the challenges being addressed by the Co-Labs and the focus of the Moonshot Challenges.

Who knew? (well, I did) in New York City our public servants work intelligently to identify the needs of all people living in New York City. This consultive method of working allows to craft solutions to big-picture issues.

Give a listen. I expect you’ll be as encouraged as I am.

To learn about the NYCx Cybersecurity Moonshot Challenge, go here. The deadline is 2/8/19 and takes just 10 minutes to apply.

Check out the results of our NYCx Governors Island Connectivity Challenge and NYCx EV Climate Action Challenge.

To learn about the Mayor’s Office of the CTO and other NYCx programming, go here and follow on Twitter at NYC_CTO.

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