Qri: Talking Data Sets with Brendan O’Brien & Rico Gardaphe

L to R) Rico Gardaphe, Operations & Business Development and Brendan O’Brien, Founder & CEO of Qri

Qri’s website reads:

Qri (“query”) is versioned, scriptable, exportable, collaborative datasets.

What does that mean? When using Qri, each version of a database is time stamped and signed by you and is on a distributed network. No, it’s not a blockchain and you’ll have to listen to this podcast to hear the distinction. I will tell you, though, that it is distributed on IPFS. What’s that? Why it’s the Inter-Planetary File System of course. I love that name and you’ll love how, in spite of their attempts not to, they nerd out on the mission they are part of. It’s hard not to be pulled into that enthusiasm. Start. Listening. Now.


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