Yale Fox, Rentlogic: How to fairly assign grades to residential buildings

Rentlogic assigns letter grades to residential rental buildings. Just as New York City’s health department does for restaurants. What makes Rentlogic’s offering so strong is they constantly work to be scrupulously fair to all parties. There’s no ‘gotcha’ here with a bias towards renters or towards landlords. They use multiple relevant data feeds from NYC government and have an algorithm that weighs all this info and, in some cases, physical inspections to arrive at a grade. Listen to what intelligent data science and community building can create. Its a good story.

To learn just how serious Rentlogic was to set fair and transparent practices they hired noted data scientist and author, Cathy O’Neil, to audit their algorithm to verify it performs as intended and has no hidden biases. Read this Wired.com on Rentlogic.

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