BlockchainWeekend NYC Spotlight on: Blockchain Live NYC Nov. 9, 2019

By Marcos Dinnerstein

Recently we caught up with the organizers of an exciting event in a weekend crowded with terrific events in the blockchain space.

We’re excited to have you participating in BlockchainWeekend NYC. And from early reports, your event, BlockchainLive NYC, is going to be wonderful. But before we get into that, please introduce yourselves, your company and describe what you are doing in the blockchain space individually. Then, we’ll get to all the great details of the event you are mounting.

I’m Jennifer Peng, Co-founder of Homebloc. Homebloc is focused on asset tokenization at the moment.

I’m Francis Berwa, Co-founder of Homebloc. Homebloc is working to add liquidity to a highly illiquid global real estate market.  

I’m Michael A. Robinson, Chairman / Co-founder of Reed-Robinson Asset Strategies. Reed-Robinson is a parent company boasting several portfolio projects in blockchain, international trade, emerging markets and entertainment.

I’m Marian Tong, president of Lair East. Our mission is to build the bridge of US and China through tech acceleration, marketing and investment.

Great. You’re each working on interesting initiatives that touch on blockchain from different angles. Let’s talk about your coming event. What’s the overall goal of the event? Anyone, feel free to jump in.

Jennifer Peng “We really want to highlight New York’s emergence as a technology center by showcasing local companies in the DLT space.”

What do you hope that attendees will come away with from the event?

Francis Berwa “The audience should leave encouraged by the insight received from leaders in the space. There are ample opportunities available and DLT is here to stay.”

Lair East is a co-working and accelerator space for tech companies. What’s the process to join your community?

Marian Tong: The process to join our community is very easy. Register on our website to access the various programs designed for tech founders. We will be in touch with you in a timely manner.”

Are there any particular speakers or panelists you are excited to hear from? Let’s hear from each of you on this.

Michael A. Robinson: “I’m thrilled to have and look forward to Jimmy Rojas’ keynote speech. I consider Fluidity a pioneer in this space because they tokenized a 12 unit Manhattan building in 2018. Most projects are still in the proof of concept phase.”

Francis Berwa: “The regulatory trends that we are observing in the exchange sector are too gray! I am interested to hear from Richard Mertl, counsel at King & Wood Mallesons. His firm has global reach and seems to be on top of the changes happening in our space. Richard will be moderating our richly diverse exchange panel.”

Where do you see DLT going in the coming year and is there a specific use case that you find exciting?

Jennifer Peng: “When it comes to blockchain technology, people tend to think bitcoin, ethereum, or even Libra. However, the tokenization of assets on the blockchain is establishing a new business model for traditional investment. From precious metals to real estate, tokenization powered by blockchain reduces the investment threshold and improves liquidity.  Wouldn’t it be cool to own a piece of an island?”


Michael A. Robinson: “The internet boasts the largest economy on the planet. Naturally, a digital currency is next. Will it be an already established cryptocurrency or a central bank digital currency that leads to mainstream adoption? Either way, the future is exciting.”

Well, Jennifer, Francis, Michael & Marian – thanks so much for sharing your thoughts with me. We’re excited that we have another gem of an event making BlockchainWeekend NYC sparkle.

To be part of the excitement of Blockchain Live NYC, join them on

Saturday, November 9th, 2:00pm to 6:00pm

Lair East

424 Broadway


New York, NY 10013

Learn more about the events taking place November 7th – 10th on the official website

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