Bob Bennett, Smart City Leader

On hearing the title Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) people typically think of someone employing the latest cutting edge tech to solve a big problem. Bob Bennett, is more creative than that. This former CIO of Kansas City, MO, founder of B Squared Civic Solutions and Chair of the Cities Today Institute solves problems with whatever tools fit the job. Sometimes it’s the latest tech. Other times there are other tools. To borrow a metaphor he used, not every problem is a nail.

Here’s a story you’ll hear about:  Bob oversaw a wildly creative solution to the problem of deer going onto airport runways – cattle. Yep. Moo-cows. How does that work? Apparently, deer hate cows and won’t go anywhere near them so by leasing the land, surrounding the runways, to cattle farmers the city was both able to earn income while solving a serious safety issue at their airport.


Hear the many remarkable things achieved during Bob Bennett’s tenure as Chief Innovation Officer and hear about the one that got away. This is going to be one of my favorite interviews for a long time. I know you’ll enjoy it.

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