Is Content Marketing Like Cod Liver Oil?

In days of yore,* mothers gave their children cod liver oil. It was received wisdom. To prevent catching a cold or flu, give those children cod liver oil. So every winter, without fail, children had to take this foul-smelling dietary supplement.

Fast forward to the world of double-blind studies and we find there’s actually strong evidence to support this. Cod liver oil is high in vitamins D and A as well as omega 3 fatty acids. Taking it significantly reduces the incidence of colds, flu, asthma attacks, ear and sinus infections, and secondary infections. Sometimes it pays to listen to old wives.

You know that content marketing would be good for your business. But for non-marketers, it can be like taking cod liver oil. It’s good for you, but almost nobody likes it. Most people dread writing ‘thought pieces’, blog posts, and other work that drives inbound traffic, generates leads, and makes you more visible in your industry. That’s why most people aren’t doing content marketing. Even if they created a content marketing calendar it’s now a dusty, forlorn thing, whimpering in a corner, unfed.

This might be where you expect me to say, buck up! Plan your work and work your plan. Pull your content marketing up by its bootstraps and damn the torpedos! But if you do that, most likely you’ll end up with cliche-ridden tripe like what you just read in this paragraph. And you won’t even do it on a regular schedule! (That’s probably a blessing)

How do I do content marketing?

If you have the time and skills, go for it! Strong content marketing will help grow your company. But clearly, doing it in house is not for everyone or you’d see more companies doing it.

The simple answer is to outsource your content marketing to a team that loves finding the perfect phrase to express a thought. Who know how to gracefully weave your SEO keywords into a cohesive, compelling narrative. Who implement your creative direction and respect your readers’ attention.

Content Marketing by A Better Mousetrap

We translate your ideas into writing that attracts viewers. And we’ll happily write 5 – 10 articles a month to improve your SEO rankings, drive qualified traffic and establish your brand in the market.  It may sound fishy, (cod forgive me)  but we do this well and at affordable prices.

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*”Days of yore”? As opposed to days of futurity? We do a gut check on phrases like this. Is it fun-cute, hackneyed, or good but for a different audience? Would ‘Back in the day…’ be a better fit for this audience?

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