David Ryan Polgar: Advocate for Tech Ethics

David Ryan Polgar and I spoke in the Fall of last year. But this recording, for various reasons including a global pandemic and pure laziness – mine- has been gathering digital dust on my digital shelf. But David and All Tech Is Human are doing important work so late or not, this is a good introduction to their world.

Since this interview, David Ryan Polar and All Tech Is Human have been doing significant work to advance the movement of Responsible Tech. They’ve created a job board for Responsible Tech, issued an extensive report, Improving Social Media:  The People, Organizations and Ideas for a Better Tech Future, launched a Slack channel, and are building a UNIVERSITY RESPONSIBLE TECH PATHWAYS PROGRAM. 

If I were to sit down again with David, which I hope to do again in the future, I’d want to get his thoughts on Google’s firing of two leaders of their AI ethics team, the January 6 insurgency and the role that social media played its planning and implementation, law enforcement’s use of cell phone location tracking and so much more that has happened since this interview. That will have to wait until the next time we can talk.

To learn more about David Ryan Polgar go to https://www.davidpolgar.com/ And for All Tech Is Human, go to https://alltechishuman.org/


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