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Be #NYCTech Informed

For those who are ‘heads down’ and not quite the NYCTech news junky that I am:

The Work-Bench Enterprise Almanac: 2018 Edition – This is a must read or at least a must skim. What is it? A 121 page deck on trends in enterprise technology. Big thanks to Work-Bench for taking on this task.


Reported New DNC Attack Was Only A Test (2nd story on page) – Good insight as to how security firms know when a site is used for phishing.


A Guide to the World of Blockchain (NY Times) How do companies and organizations use both public and private blockchains / distributed ledger technologies. (often seen written as DLT)

If you’re new to this pay attention to whether these platforms are centralized or not, who sets and controls the governing rules, how agreement (consensus) is reached on the ongoing record of transactions and whether these are accessible publicly or in private. There’s plenty to learn. We’re all students but there’s no time but now to start. (Actually there’s no time to do anything except now.)

AMPLIFY THOSE TRENDS: New tech and social justice report, bad YCombinator ideas, & more An antidote to reading about the next new shiny thing in tech. Agree or disagree with some of the assumptions being made. Ask why we are doing something. It’s always a good exercise.

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