Lisa Linhardt Creates Unique Jewelry with Old & New Tech

Can you make artisanal, one-of-a-kind pieces of jewelry and also scale the production of those works? Does that sound like a contradiction?
Lisa Linhardt and her team at Linhaus, run a tech-enabled business for jewelry, design. The melding of old and new technology forges wearable creations perhaps never before seen in the world of high-end jewelry. ¬†Speaking with Lisa, I’m reminded of the work of Nathan Myhrvold in the world of cooking.¬†
CAD, RHINO, laser cutting, 3D printing are all part of the toolset used at Linhaus. Listen to how this will all work to create unique pieces that employ and honor traditional craft with expanding what’s possible with new technology. Listen now.
Then visit the new store at 156 First Avenue in New York City.

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