Overcoming Challenges: How Foreign Entrepreneurs Succeed in the U.S.

Victoria Zavyalova, originally from Russian, knows whereof she speaks.

A land of opportunities, the United States has always been a magnet for entrepreneurs. To get a step closer to their dream, ambitious startup founders from around the world pay the high price of sleepless nights and endless working hours. What does it take for a foreigner to succeed in the U.S.?

Sergey Brin of Google and Elon Musk of Tesla are often cited as examples of the “American dream” becoming a reality for immigrants. Millions of dollars in investment and photos of legendary parties in Silicon Valley boost the human flow of startup founders to the U.S. Over 40 percent of Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants or a child of immigrants. In New York, the proportion is even higher at about 59 percent. How do they make it despite the obstacles of strict immigration laws, the language barrier, and other challenges?

1. Building a new network

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