Wonchang Terry Choi: The Start of a Career in Alternative Assets

A Russian, a Columbian, and a Korean walked into a bar. No, this isn’t the latest joke that seeks to elevate one group at the expense of others. This is a story of three immigrants elevating the U.S. They do this by joining forces to apply skills, ambition, and grit to create an investment company, 13Ventures. This company will, in turn, elevate the companies they invest in.  13Ventures is the brainchild of Katya Dorozhkina, and Diego Berrio. I leave it to you, the astute reader, to guess who is Russian and who is Columbian.

Today’s podcast shines a spotlight on Wonchang Terry Choi, who, as a teen, came from Korea to the U.S. to study. With limited English skills and a strong desire to be special, he excelled in High School and is a recent graduate of Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business. And now he works as a Junior Partner, Investment Principal at 13Ventures. This is the beginning of his professional journey so his story has just begun. But his intelligence, curiosity, drive, and love of finance will make anyone want to spend time listening to his story so far. Pull up a chair. Click play.

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